Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Clean Back Patio/Deck

Today:   Clean back patio and deck. Backyard picnics are around the corner.

 ©Marie Calder Ricks/www.houseoforder.com


peter thomos said...

It's wonderful and fascinating work to see here! I think you made really easy to choose beautiful deck. It gives me satisfaction. I would love to say everything has its own features. Anyway, thanks for sharing this beautiful idea.
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Kylee Groves said...

It's important that you clean your deck. Well, it's not necessary to perform a cleanup every now and then, but if you feel like it needs cleaning, feel free to do so. It's one way of extending the life of your wooden deck. The more you take care of it, the longer it will remain in its great condition.

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Simon Lee said...

excellent work to see here. A perfectly finished patio deck is important for your home. it also depends how much of space you are utilizing in construction patio

German Zollinger said...

A good power washing is good, especially if you plan to use the deck extensively during the summer and fall. And a layer of stain wouldn’t do you amiss. Rather, it will definitely enhance the look of your deck.